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Green Management Practice
Samsung Electronics established its long and mid-term roadmap of Eco-Management and now manages Greenhouse Gas Reduction at the product use and manufacture stages as key performance goal. As it goes forward, Samsung Electronics will continue to work hard to provide new values for customers, the environment, and society through eco-friendly innovation activities.
  • Eco-design and
    Gas Reduction
  • Development of
  • Acquisition of
    Environmental Management
    System Certification
Samsung’s Eco-friendly Town
Many people who use welfare facilities help to keep cool summer and warm winter. Supports the installation of solar generating equipments to increase energy efficiency of the facility and reduce carbon emissions and costs.
Samsung Eco-Friendly Campaign
Samsung supply 1,000 solar LED lanterns to Ethiopia where electricity is not supplied, so that Samsung can help Ethiopian study and work at home at night.
Samsung Eco-friendly School
We educate on global warming and renewable energy about 2,000 elementary and middle school students a year, and support students to become environmental evangelists while conducting idea workshops to improve the global environment.