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Samsung Junior Software Cup


The Samsung Junior Software Cup is a social contribution project to discover and support future software talents.

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Business Status

Starting in 2015, the Samsung Junior Software Cup is open to all youths interested in software, and will help them grow into global software talents by calling them 'S-Heroes' who change the world with their own software. On-line and off-line mentoring of Samsung Electronics Specialists, boot camp that grows with S-heroes nationwide, and Step by step process is in progress. After the competition, we also provide various experiences and learning opportunities such as 'Samsung Junior Software Heroes' membership program and global IT conference.

Number of Software Implemented: 3,217 / Number of Participants: 9,065 <Accumulated in 2016>

Competition Course

Samsung Junior Software Cup does not only evaluate results, but also evaluates the process by which students themselves discover and solve their daily issues and they change the world through software. After several months of competition, everyone will be able to create their own software in a systematic way.

Idea composition (preliminary)> Design (Preliminary)> Prototyping (Boot Camp)> Implementation / Test (Main)> User affinity (Exhibition)> Deepening Education & Experience (Junior Software Heroes)
  • Software is a way for me and my family to communicate. Winner of the 1st Junior Software Creation Competition, Lee Young Jun
  • I was able to broaden my horizons for software at the Samsung Junior Software Cup. Samsung Junior Software Cup Grand Prize Winners, So Hyun Seob (Selected as Korea's Future Human Resources Award in 2016), Jung Jin-woo, Jung Chan-woo