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Samsung Junior Software Academy


The Samsung Junior Software Academy is a social contribution project that helps elementary, middle and high school students learn software, think logically, and grow into future talents who can solve problems creatively.

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Business Status

The Samsung Junior Software Academy, which started in 2013, is conducting software training for elementary, middle and high school students and teachers. During the school year, more than 10,000 students are educated each year through after-school and free-semester programs, and teacher training programs are offered to teachers who are interested in software and educational innovation during the vacation.

Number of participating schools: 1,265 / Participating teachers: 1,391 / Participating students: 40,671 <Accumulated in 2016>
Student Program

We have selected required competencies for future talents in the 21st century and developed four training courses for free use. Textbooks are composed of animations and storytellings so that students who are beginners to the software can learn easily and funny.

creat.ing 창의력, cod.ing 논리력, solv.ing 문제해결능력, mak.ing 융합능력

They have various project classes aiming at easy and interesting education, education to raise thinking power, and education to grow together. Students discover the issues they want to solve in their daily life and solve the issues with software through in-depth questions and learning.

Team Building> Thinking in Software> Simultaneous Guerrilla Mission Nationwide> My Own Project> Sharing
Teacher Program

We select Samsung future teachers every year.
We help the selected Samsung Future Teachers to do the integrating training using software.


We would like to contribute to expanding the base of domestic software education and cultivating future software talents. In fruits of our efforts, we received the Achievement Award of the Ministry of Science,ICT and Future Planning for the year 2012, and the Grand Prize of Donation for Education of Education Ministry for 2014, 2015 and 2016 for three consecutive years.

  • Along with not only raising algorithmic thinking, but also helped to cultivate human nature, Samsung Junior Software Academy is the starting point of future education. HaeMaroo Elementary School Teacher, Lee-Hee Myung
  • It's great to be able to make a variety of things using the knowledge learned at the Samsung Junior Software Academy. Every time I succeed in embodying my ideas as an output, I feel the excitement.