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Samsung Electronics Employee Volunteers

Samsung Electronics Employees voluntarily conduct various volunteer activities at home and abroad where they need help. In Korea, a total of 1,800 volunteer teams are organized and operated nationwide.

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Overseas Volunteers

Samsung Electronics Overseas Volunteers started in 2010, they have served for sustainable development around the world. We have sent our warm mind to 34 countries on four continents for seven years.

Dispatched Countries: 34 / Participating Employees Volunteers: 1,301 / Beneficiary: 8,080 <Accumulated in 2016> Samsung Electronics Employees dispatching countries: Total 34 countries CIS: 3countries / Asia: 12countries / Africa: 17countries / Latin American: 2countries

We teach IT technology to local students of middle and high school and raise the competitiveness of students to make them economically independent. We also work on projects to solve local social problems.

IT Classroom Building / Advanced IT Education / Environment Improvement
  • In fact, this is the first time I've been working on a computer. I learned a lot from the way of turning on the power and teaching me a lot of steps. Cambodia Hun Sen Borei 100 Kuneong High School  Student, Ponkanda Student
  • Because the school had few computers, it was difficult to teach IT. Thanks to Samsung's support, I was able to organize it into regular classes. Indonesia Mandua High School Teacher, Tass Kam, Pishel

Domestic Corps

The 'Voluntainment' that means 'It is more fun to serve than to play', is being operated and various service programs are spreading throughout Korea. Our employees are planning and carrying out a variety of volunteer activities linked to hobbies such as software and design, mural painting and foot massage.

  • Elders’ overseas trip via Virtual Reality (VR)

    Through the Samsung Gear VR images , Which is photographs of the galaxy at night and the world famous attractions, we offer opportunity for the elderly who are not free to move, to experience indirectly the various worlds at home.

  • Happy together, Talent Donation

    Employees with diverse talents, such as foot massages, photo shoots, and mural paintings, share their happiness through volunteer talent sharing activities.