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NANUM Volunteer Membership


Samsung Electronics College Student Volunteers: NANUM Volunteer Membership is a membership activity in which college students and employees work together to solve the problems of our society and create a better world.

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Business Status

The Samsung Electronics Collage Student Volunteers, which started in 2013, is selected by a group of about 200 students each year.
Collage students from all over the country such as Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Chungcheong, Daegu, Jeolla and Pusan, who carry out ' Regular Service' for one year. ' Regular Service‘ which they plan and carry out is sustainable volunteer activities in their own regions and They also carry out 'Creative Service' that is to solve the founded social needs by their creative ideas .

Student Participants: 1,000 / Service Hours: 67,004 / Creative Service Programs: 94 <Cumulative data from 2016>

They proceed a project to discover social problems and directly solve them through Regular Service , At the opening ceremony and summer camp, They can share various ideas with collage students all over the country.

Opening Ceremony> Regular Service> Creative Service> Summer Camp> Disbanding Ceremony
Representative Volunteer Program
  • Project to develop rear mirrors in elevators to help wheelchair users
    Elevator rear mirror project for wheelchair users

    To prevent safety accidents when wheelchair users get off the elevator, we have developed a convex mirror to ensure rear view. It was installed in 121 elevators in 63 subway stations.

  • Calendar format writing board that helps persons with physical disabilities to communicate
    A calendar-type script to help physically disabled people express their opinions

    For patients who only express their opinions by eye blinking, We have produced a calendar-type script for them to express their various opinions. This solution evolved into Samsung Electronics employees' projects and developed as a smart AAC.