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Samsung Electronics and its executives and employees are involved in a wide range of social contribution activities in order to create a bright and hopeful society and In particular, Samsung Electronics is focusing on the following four areas of social contribution activities: child welfare, health care, vulnerable classes, and local communities.

Child Welfare

We help children and youths grow into healthy community members.

'Self-reliance support project' for Youths who have expired from the shelter
Youths who are protected from the country, must leave the shelter when they are 19 years old.
We support them through self-reliance programs such as independent living preparation training and adaptation training. There is a statistic that about 31% of unprepared youths will be the basic recipients. We are trying to break this vicious circle. The Self - Reliance Support Center is operated in Gangwon, Pusan and Daegu.
Improvement of local children's center as a nurturing shelter for children's dreams
We will improve the environment such as study rooms and toilets in the regional children's centers or build new ones in areas without regional children's center to help local children and youths spend time after school in a pleasant and safe environment. We have made 40 environmental improvements until last year and will make 60 environmental improvements of the regional children's centers by next year.
My own career search project “Samsung Dreamtalk” and “Junior SW mentoring”
It provides a variety of career searching and in-depth mentoring opportunities for youth in areas where it is difficult for them to meet professionals. At the Samsung Dreamtalk, about 2,500 students gathered from all over the country including in Gangwon, Suwon, and Gwangju and It is ten times a year. Especially more than 10,000 students participate in the 1: 1 mentoring program annually.


We present medical services and hope to those who do not receive proper treatment due to financial difficulties.

Cheer up project
Cheer up project
From June 2015, we are providing medical care for under 18 youths and children who are suffering from cancer, heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, severe burns, and rare incurable diseases. By the end of 2016, a total of 249 people were supported.
Support for cochlear implantations and rehabilitation for children with hearing handicapped
Support for cochlear implantations and rehabilitation for children with hearing handicapped
Cochlear implantation is a procedure that transplants cochlear to the hearing handicapped who are unable to hear sounds due to cochlear diseases. Since 2006, we have been supporting surgery and rehabilitation treatment for hearing-handicapped children.
“Hope Angels of Wish Star” to cheer incurable children
Hope Angels of Wish Star to cheer incurable children
Employees and college students volunteers are granting incurable children‘ wishes. To realize the dream of a child with ' Burkitt lymphoma' and with receiving five times of chemotherapy, We did the deserted island experience with the child, and we made him realize his dream that he became a superhero and wanted to help other friends. Because we wanted to increase his will to cure the disease.

Vulnerable Social Group

We are working hard to support seniors, handicapped and multicultural families so that they can have a warm winter and that they can become self-reliant.

IT Classroom for the visually handicapped “AnyCom Festival”
IT Classroom for the visually handicapped AnyCom Festival
The AnyCom Festival celebrates its 12th anniversary this year, in which information-oriented education and information search competitions for the visually handicapped are held. Through these festivals, they will be able to meet IT equipment and information in a comfortable way without feeling technology barriers . We recruit the education stories of disabled persons who have completed information education and give an AnyCom Award and four AnyCom Challenge.
Let's make a society that lives together. 'Multicultural Project'
Let's make a society that lives together. Multicultural Project
We run various programs for independence of multicultural families and understanding between families. Supporting education and employment linking programs for migrant women to turn into bilingual lecturers and opening up a global family center in Asan and Gwangju to provide 100 programs per year including joint childcare and living legal services and 20,000 multicultural families Together.
“Café Hue” to create senior jobs: “Happy green recycling business”
Café Hue to create senior jobs: “Happy green recycling business”
In order to ensure that seniors who live a passionate life in the age of 100 will have confidence and hope through their new job, we are linking various projects and jobs such as barista training and cafe opening support. The proceeds from the café will be used for a variety of social contribution activities, such as creating jobs for the elderly and supporting married immigrant women.

Local Community

We warmly share where need our help to coexist with the local community.

The “Samsung Sharing Walking Festival” is to practice sharing with walking
The Samsung Sharing Walking Festival is to practice sharing with walking
The Sharing Walking Festival is held through out the country, including Yongin, Asan, Cheonan, Hwaseong, and Gumi. It is loved as a "Citizen's Festival of Love and Sharing" that allows you to go back to your heart and to see your neighbors‘ heart through a "Matching Grant" that donates the same amount as the participation fee to organizer and the total amount of the participation fee paid by the individual.
“ArumTown Project” - Make a beautiful town together.
ArumTown Project - Make a beautiful town together.
In order to improve the aged village environment and to make sure that crime-prone areas are safe , we donate mural painting volunteer activity, LED security light and lead making the beautiful town. The garbage accumulated in each town was cleaned, and a tree with flowers bloomed in the alleys.
Going to help the shortage of rural people - “one company’s voluntary service for one village”
Going to help the shortage of rural people - one company’s voluntary service for one village
The sisterhood relationship of one company and one village that started to lessen the difficulties of rural areas due to the expansion of imports of agricultural products, aims to harmonize with local residents and cooperate for economic revitalization. We also carry out various activities such as helping rural people, experiencing farming activities, sightseeing in villages, market for agriculture and aqua-cultural products, and so on.

Social Contribution Center Status

The Social Contribution Office and eight Social Contribution Centers are in operation for social contribution activities in each region.

Social Contribution Office