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Samsung Tomorrow Project

Technology should be used to enrich human life.To make innovative technologies and products for creating a better world: this is the answer to why Samsung Electronics develops technology and how it will change the world.

Samsung Tomorrow Projects
Mobile Health for Africa(under development)
Mobile Health for Africa
We are developing solutions to improve the healthcare accessibility of middle and low-income countries.
By using smart phone apps, tablets and dashboards developed by Samsung Electronics, you can check the status of the patient and take appropriate action according to the situation.
AAC(Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices)
We have developed Smart AAC to help people who can not speak or write easily communicate. If you select a picture or sentence from the app, the device will output a voice to express your intention. For those who are uncomfortable and difficult to touch, a cradle, a foot mouse, and a variety of input aids are provided.
Eye Mouse(eyeCan+)
Eye Mouse
We have developed an eye mouse that manipulate the mouse with the pupils of patients who can not move or speak.
It started with the voluntary project of Samsung Electronics employees and we distribute it to the persons who needs an eye mouse free of charge.
It‘ s been since 7 years. since I wrote a letter to my beloved family.One click on the monitor, the text slowly appears, and the sentence becomes. It is a letter written by Mr. A who became a general paralysis with ALS seven years ago. EyeCan gave Mr. A the opportunity to say his lovings in seven years.