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Social Contribution Philosophy and Direction

"Believe in Potential" We believe in our and your potentiality. We believe in a better world where humanity will collectively become more affluent.


Samsung Electronics is committed to creating the best products and services while making positive contributions to the world. Our core value is: “Samsung Electronics will fulfill its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen." We are dedicated to creating a society where we live well together, so we actively support human and material resources and carry out various social contribution activities.

Based on the philosophy of inextricable coexistence between society and company, we are striving to solve various global issues by expanding the scopes and targets of social contribution to the world beyond contributions to the alienated neighbors and local communities.

In the future, Samsung Electronics will dedicate its efforts and resources to social contribution activities to become a respected company that goes beyond a “good company.”

Activity direction
Activity direction

Donation for Education to foster youths’ creative talents

Helping to solve current social issues through innovative technology

Conserving the environment to create a sustainable future where humans and nature coexist

Growing and sharing with a local community through voluntary service and a warm win-win collaboration


Employees’ participation

Samsung Electronics employees voluntarily participate in social contribution activities by volunteering their time and talents.

Donation participation rate: 90% / Voluntary participation rate: 93% / Volunteer time: 10.4 hours Based on data in 2016


  • 2013
    • Founded “Samsung Junior Software Academy”
    • Founded “Samsung Tomorrow Solution” contest
    • Founded 'Samsung Electronics Collage Student Volunteers'
  • 2012
    • Introduction of CSR3.0 “Solving Social Issues”
    • Business linkage, utilizing employees’ expertise and competence
    • Founded “Samsung Smart School”
  • 2010
    • Globalization of Social Contribution Scope and Target
    • Founded Samsung Employees Overseas Volunteer Corps
  • 2004
    • Globalization of Social Contribution Scope and Target
    • Founded Samsung Employees Overseas Volunteer Corps
  • 1994

    Launched Social Volunteer Corps

Social Contribution Activity Report

It is social contribution activity report which Social Service Corps Office publishes annually.